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Student Drop-Off
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Sunday, July 23, 2017
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Where do I drop off my student?

Please, for the safety of our students......

Contrary to belief, student drop off is not on Honeycutt Drive in the roundabout in the front entrance.  Main student drop off is on Taft which is West of the main entrance.  

The main entrance for the high school has plenty of Visitor Parking for parents needing to sign their student in or out of school.  The roundabout should be free and clear of cars and used for emergency vehicles only.  

Parents please understand the importance of parking lot safety.  We've have students walking, riding their bikes, staff members parking walking into the school and cars driving through the parking lot unaware.  The parking lot along with the roundabout becomes dangerous for all concerned.  We very graciously ask for your understanding regarding the roundabout and the safety for everyone.



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