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Phillip Smith Staff Photo

Master’s Degree:

Arizona State University: MAC Secondary Education: ­­ Biology

   Graduation Date: December 15, 2014

Bachelor’s Degree:

Marshall University: Biomedical Science

Minor Degree: Chemistry

Additional Graduate Work:

Marshall University: Microbiology, Thesis:

“Identification of the Bacterial Gut Flora of Several Fly Species of the Ohio River Valley and Their Enzymatic Contribution to Forensically Pertinent Metabolism.”


Biology/Honors Teacher for Maricopa High School, Fall 2015 – Present

● Student teaching through Arizona State University, Fall 2013 – Fall 2014

● Volunteer tutor and teacher's assistant for Maricopa Unified School

    District, Fall 2012 –2013

● Graduate laboratory instructor for Marshall University, Biology

    & Physiology for non­majors, Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

● Teaching assistant for Marshall University, Introductory

    Chemistry I & II Spring 2008 – Spring 2009 under: Samantha Vickers

    Ph.D., Annette Howles Ph.D. & Mohammad Itani Ph.D.

Mr. Smith was born and raised just outside of Charleston West Virginia. During his time in high school, Mr. Smith had a multitude of interests, including the chess team and volunteering as a medical assistant in a local chiropractic practice. In 2006, Mr. Smith began his undergraduate study at Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia, graduating in 2010. 
During his time at Marshall University, Mr. Smith completed research in Biomedicine, focusing on antibiotic resistant bacteria, where he was awarded several accolades and multiple advanced research opportunities. Additionally, he served in the department of student tutoring services and served as president of the university Biology Club for 2 years. Following his undergraduate degree, Mr. Smith worked as a research fellow for an additional two years, studying pathogenic and forensic etymology (the role insects play in forensics!). 
Most recently, Mr. Smith graduated from Arizona State University with a Master's of Education in December of 2014. 
Outside of teaching, Mr. Smith enjoys a variety of hobbies which include: gaming, art, music, and traveling throughout the United States.