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About Us

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Our Mission

Maricopa High School is a fast growing, comprehensive high school serving close to 2100 students! We may seem large, but we've been around for over 50 years. Our outstanding academic, extracurricular, and service record speaks for the quality of our school and the education we offer.

We have a large number of advanced placement courses, fine arts courses, and career and technical education courses, as well as standard core classes. Students can earn one of two types of diplomas: a regular diploma or a scholastic diploma. We have 16 athletic programs, and we compete in the 5A Region for sports.

ESL Business Computer Lab
Fine Arts Media-Tech Lab
Athletics ITV Classroom
Clubs Media Center
Alternative Education
Extracurricular Programs
Guidance & Counseling Services
Advanced Placement & Honors Courses

Mission Statement

Maricopa High School: preparing today's learners for tomorrow's opportunities.

Vision Statement

  • School Environment

Maricopa High School will provide a safe, respectful, and inviting educational environment through:

A culture of trust and community for all.
Positive interactions between staff and students.
Teacher to student mentoring.
Collaboration through professional learning communities and peer mentoring.
Quality instruction with academic rigor and relevance.
Consistent enforcement of attendance and discipline policies.
Cooperation with community agencies and resources.

  • Academic Performance

All Maricopa High School students will:

Meet high academic standards through active participation in the curriculum.
Develop a career plan and pathway to provide a beneficial transition beyond high school.
Contribute to and maintain a safe and positive learning environment.
Ensure and respect the rights of others.

All staff will:

Offer a safe and positive learning environment.
Interact and communicate appropriately with all students, parents, and community members.
Present a comprehensive, coordinated curriculum.
Make full and efficient use of instructional time.
Evaluate student performance using multiple assessment methods.
Provide prompt feedback to students and parents.
Promote opportunities for extended application of learning beyond the classroom.
Monitor, evaluate, and review curriculum based on student needs.

In order to accomplish our vision, Maricopa High School will:

Make all decisions based on what is best for students and their education.
Recognize and celebrate student and staff accomplishments.
Continuously and consciously strive to pursue our vision.
Value staff participation in the decision making process.
Provide staff and students the support necessary to achieve our vision.
Ensure meaningful staff development.
Communicate appropriately within the district and community.

Our Beliefs

The Maricopa School Community prepares life long learners and is totally committed, accepting, giving, and forgiving. Our staff is committed to student excellence. Our students are engaged in learning environments that assure continued achievement in school and throughout their lives. We believe that all students can learn. Students should know it is their job to learn.

Our Goals

All students will improve their academic achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Policy against Discrimination

It is the policy of Maricopa High School not to discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disabilities. This policy shall be followed in the operation of its educational programs and activities, recruitment, admissions, employment practices, and other educational services.