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Parent/Teacher Conferences are Feb. 12, 2018 from 5-8pm.  Conferences are scheduled with individual teachers.  Please schedule conferences by clicking on the teacher's name below and filling out the form. 

Time slots are for 10 minutes. If more time is needed or you can't meet during the time available, please contact the teacher to schedule a different time to meet.  Email addresses can be found in the staff directory

If a teacher you would like to meet with does not have a link below, please check with your student for any communication the teacher may have sent home.  Some CTE teachers will be holding an open house style of conferences and so do not have links below.  Please feel free to email the teacher if you are having trouble scheduling a conference.  Staff Directory

Abel, Heather
Acevedo, Gisel
Ansley, Chris
Archie-Reed, Leontyne
Badar, Jordanne
Balt, Aidan
Bates, Lori
Bauer, Andrew
Biggs, Alexandra
Black, Wendy
Boutelle, Joel
Brannon, Andrea
Brumley, Ryan
Burkett, Brian
Calhoun, Cindi
Carpenter, Tanner
Chamberlain, Brad
Clark, Jonathan
Claus, Mark
Cloud, Chuck
Colling, Kayla
Crawford, Jason
Dalton, Morgan
Decoste, Lindsay
Doctama, Rosciel
Donnelly, Kathryn
Early, Jerri
Elet, David
Fierro, Erick
Flores, Amber
Fry, James
Fuller, Tony
Gaul, Rebecca
Giner, Kim
Goodwin, Jason
Gregory, Dishon
Hanks, Grant
Hochhalter, Zach
Hunter, Michael
Hutchinson, Sheldon
Jones, Casey
Jones, McKay

Jordan, Dorris

Jump, Tyler
Juniper, Sandy

Kalkowski, Diane
Keenan, Jesica
Kellenaers, Cortney
King, Chuck
King, Maria
Kirksey, Allen
Lomayesva, Laura
Mahon, Greg
Mandell, Carol
Martin, Hannah
Martin, Reid
Martin, Talitha
McCallin, Kristin
McDonald, Chris
Medel, Lordes
Miller, Alanna
Miller, Jennifer
Miller, Tyler
Mount, Cheryl
Nuzum, Forrest
Paine, Deana
Panter, Emily
Parker, Jennifer

Perez, Rosa
Persitz, Katherine
Piquette, Kevin
Pollak, Andrew
Portee, Dorothy
Pour, Ivan
Pour, Maria
Quiroz, Marcella
Rodriguez, Julian
Rovens, Cory
Rubino, Dan
Smith, Janelle
Smith, Phil
Szoltysik, Jason
Taylor Antionette
Thomas, Maggie
Trujillo, Celia
Vericker, Brad
Williams, James
Zakro, Jasun