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Principal Winter's Update

From the Desk of Principal Winter:

This is the response from Coach Harris in regards to the events that transpired at the conclusion of the homecoming football game on Friday, September 14, 2018:

Since being named Head Coach of our football program, I have been obsessive in my belief that our program should model behavior that is consistent with excellence, good character and high morals. This past Friday, some of my actions weren't consistent with this. My direct supervisor (AD-Jake Neill) instructed me to do certain things at the end of of the altercation with Central's coach and I did not comply. After reflection, I realize that my actions are not consistent with what I have modeled for our coaches and players up to this point. I can't in good conscience accept that this should be overlooked. I have suspended players this season and sat players--even just last week for conduct I felt was unbecoming. I am just a man, I am fallible and I make mistakes. I made one last Friday. To not hold myself to the same standards I talk about wouldn't be the right thing to do. I'm as competitive as they come, and I live for matchups like this Friday, because if you are a competitor you want to coach in big games against the best competition possible. So this is as painful as it can be for me, but as much as it pains me, and the obvious jeopardy it will put our team in, some things are more important than wins and losses--I want to be remembered for how I lived my life.

I am not going to coach in the Higley game this Friday because of the part I played in Friday night's incident following the game. I am taking this opportunity to apologize to our Superintendent, Principal, Athletic Director my colleagues in the greater good for teaching, along with my coaches, players and our city for my conduct. The last thing I want to do is represent us in a negative light.

Coach Harris
Go Rams!